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№ 3 December 2017

Cover story

Great re-migration

The ‘reshoring’ has become one of the most common buzzwords. It refers to Western corporations with offshore production facilities relocating back home. Among the main reasons for this re-migration are changes to production costs abroad and the protectionist domestic policies.

Focus group

To find and neutralise

Recently cryptocurrencies have become not only a means of payment, but also attractive investment assets. However, they carry risks associated with money laundering, tax evasion and spread of fraudulent schemes. Iron Magazine asked some experts about how tough governmental regulation should be in the virtual environment.

№ 2 September 2017

Cover story

Back to the roots

In manufacturing, the‘resource-product-waste’ cycle has its limits, mainly because there is not an infinite supply of raw materials. The transition to a circular economy could simultaneously solve both issues: the lack of materials and waste disposal.

Focus group

Resources for hire

The Year of the Environment in Russia not only provides a perfect opportunity to examine green initiatives, but to assess the scale of accumulated issues and consider their long-term resolution. Iron Magazine has spoken to a group of sector experts about Russia’s capacity for the development of a circular economy, how relevant this would be and the potential benefits.

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