Education without borders

The online learning sector is undergoing rapid development. Today, it is possible to remotely earn a wide range of degrees in the liberal arts and social sciences.


Keys to the arctic treasure chest

A huge amount of resources is concentrated in the Arctic. And many countries in Europe and Asia are showing strong interest in accessing it.

Foreign experience

Following nature’s example

Industry is moving further away from its original paradigm. The trend now is towards a circular economy – a system that drives the restoration and regeneration of resources through high-tech facilities, the sharing of end products and the reduction of waste.

A View Into the Future

Pirates of the 21st century

Digital technology has become an essential part our lives, and has solved many of our issues; however, technology has also created new threats.


Green reputation

IM talked to Mikhail Yulkin, Director General of the Centre for Environmental Investments.


A boundless country

Arctic exploration, the development of Siberian deposits and the expansion of industry in the Ural region – this all sounds very modern...


Land of infinite opportunities

It is widely known that Russia is the largest
country in the world; however, it is unlikely
that anyone can say that they have experienced
all of its wonders.