Success: the right place, the right time

Up to half of all of the work in the world will be automated within the next two decades. Industrial production will undergo a change in scale matched only by the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries.


Risky business

Modern society is a dynamic environment, with demand for new innovations constantly evolving. To meet demand, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly.

Foreign experience

Eternal values

In these times of global economic upheaval, governments of various companies are becoming more tempted to resort to protectionism.

A View Into the Future

The technology driving change

Innovation requires more than just creative thinking. It also needs materials to help ideas become a reality.

Theatre. Version 20.17

Digital technologies have firmly established themselves not only in our daily lives, but also in all kinds of art. How is digital technology influencing the development of the theatre?


The new old

Why people in the 19th century were scared of ‘steam’ innovations, and what came out of it.


Above the clouds

The world’s best skyscrapers, all in IM’s gallery.