Customer Focus

A satisfied customer can bring new customers. A dissatisfied customer can take them away. Companies use different techniques to win customer loyalty, but the key ingredient is customer-focused staff.

Foreign experience

Facing the customer

The success of a business depends on its ability to effectively combine resources, labour and capital to produce goods. In the second half of the 20th century, certain corporations that followed this mantra sank without a trace.

Looking to the future

Ready at the starting line

The Russian venture capital market showed little growth in 2017. The whole industry is hoping for an upturn in 2018 with new projects, new investors and new opportunities.


Man-made Oasis

Rapid advances in technology have accelerated the process of urbanisation. But as the number of city dwellers increases, so also do the requirements for the quality of the urban environment.


Co-created Art

Interactive art has arrived and is here to stay. Modern audiences want to be more than exhibition visitors or spectators at a play – they want to be participants in the act.


Making the Impossible Possible

How listening to clients helped inventors to change both technology and society.


Back to basics

The growing pace of urbanisation has led to a heightened interest in the conservation and development of green areas in megacities. IM presents a gallery of parks in different cities around the world.