Editor’s note

Editor’s note

This special edition of Iron Magazine is produced by Metalloinvest for the 24th Metal-Expo Industrial Exhibition.


Product innovation

A viable method to stay ahead of competitors is to constantly improve technologies. Metalloinvest is developing new steel grades.


In touch

Proven methods of customer engagement, which can help not only to improve the quality of customer service, but also to develop new products and technologies.

Sign of quality

Clean steel

What makes steel producers invest in environmentally friendly technologies, encourage care for the environment and how this affects the quality of steel.

Growth path

The future of steel

Development trends in the steel industry, which guarantee producers profit growth and a successful future in the market.


Men of steel

The founders of modern steelmaking, who took up the challenges, made revolutionary technological breakthroughs and changed the industry forever.

Photo gallery

Power and strength of steel

Where and how are Metalloinvest’s products used? Find out in our photo gallery, including some of the leading global and domestic production companies.