Photo-gallery№ 3 December 2017

Burj Khalifa, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
The height of the world's largest skyscraper is 828m. However, soon, when the Dubai Creek Tower is built, this record will be immediately surpassed by 100m. One of the suppliers of metal for the project is the Hamriyah Steel plant, which is part of Metalloinvest.

Abraj Al-Bait, Mecca (Saudi Arabia)
The towers of the complex are striking not only by their size, but also for their unique location – in the heart of Mecca, near the Muslim shrine of the Kaaba. The most significant building is the Royal Clock Tower with a height of 601m - it serves as a hotel for pilgrims visiting the city.

One World Trade Center, New York (USA)
This skyscraper, with a height of 541m, is located on the site where the twin towers of the World Trade Center stood, destroyed as a result of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The building’s unofficial name is the Freedom Tower, which was given to the first steel column of the base.

Willis Tower, Chicago (USA)
For almost 25 years it was the biggest skyscraper in the world. Yet today, the building, with a height of 442m, does not even enter the top ten. On the roof there are TV and radio antennas, but the main feature of the Willis Tower is an observation deck with a glass floor, located on the 103rd floor.

International Financial Center of Pinan, Shenzhen (China)
The newcomer in the world rankings – a 600m skyscraper which was only built in 2017. According to the original project, a 60m antenna should be located on the roof – this would then make it the tallest building in China and the second in the world. However, at the last minute, the project was changed because of considerations regarding aviation security.

Shard, London (United Kingdom)
Its name translates as a ‘splinter’, which is not surprising, since the skyscraper’s height of 310m is completely lined with glass panels. The silhouette of the building can be seen from almost anywhere in the city; in fact, UNESCO initially thought that, due to the construction of this building, the Shard should be put on the list of World Heritage properties under threat. However, nowadays the Shard is one of the main tourist attractions of London.

432 Park Avenue, New York (USA)
At a height of 426m, this skyscraper is the largest residential building in the Western Hemisphere today. From the apartments located on the upper floors, the best views of New York are available. The most luxurious apartments are located 100m up the building, the cost of which is estimated at millions of dollars.

Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg (Russia)
This 462m-tall building should be completed in 2018. It will be the biggest skyscraper in Europe. If you take the absolute height, it will occupy the second place among the highest buildings of the continent, second only to the Moscow television tower.

Moscow City (Russia)
The skyscrapers of Moscow, even in the process of construction, became a tourist attraction of the city, the same as the Kremlin or Stalin’s highrises. However, in addition to the record size (the eastern tower of the Federation complex is the largest skyscraper in Europe today), the buildings located here have other features. For example, an ice skating rink, located at the height of 354m, which is unparalleled world-wide, or a clock with a diameter of 64m on the dome of the concert hall (it will be opened at the end of the year), which is the largest in the world.

Lotte World Tower, Seoul (South Korea)
A skyscraper with beautiful characteristics – 123 floors, 555m high – with a silhouette similar to a rocket. It includes a giant mall with 400 brands, as well as offices, apartments and a luxury hotel, which in Korea is called a six-star. From the tower observation deck, you can see the whole city, including the nearby Lotte World park, which is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest indoor amusement park.

Shanghai Tower (China)
The most significant skyscraper in China (632m) could have lost its title in 2016 after the construction of a high-rise complex in Shenzhen, but in the end this project was revised. The Shanghai Tower has many features: the highest hotel on the planet, high-speed elevators, the unique Space City entertainment centre ... but it's remembered because it can change its colour at different times of the day from a pearl colour to pink.

Taipei 101 (Taiwan)
This skyscraper, which is 509m tall, is in a place where, it would seem, there should not be any large structures at all. After all, serious typhoons and earthquakes are not uncommon here. Nevertheless, the building is considered safe. The tower of steel, glass and aluminium rests on 380 concrete supports, which are 80m deep in the ground. A huge damper helps to supress vibrations – a steel ball-pendulum weighing 660 tonnes, installed between the 87th and 91st floors.

Al Hamra, Kuwait (Kuwait)
The 412m-tall tower has an unusual appearance - its outline resembles the traditional clothes of the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula moving in the wind. During the construction of the skyscraper, not only aesthetic, but also practical tasks were decided. All materials utilised can withstand high temperatures (in summer, the heat in the city can reach 50 degrees and higher). In addition, the facade of the tower is covered with snow-white limestone, which protects it from the scorching sun.

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