Editor’s note№ 2 November 2018

Dear readers!

This issue of Iron Magazine is special. It is dedicated to the 24th Metal-Expo Industrial Exhibition, the main forum for Russian steelworkers. The event brings together producers and consumers of steel products from dozens of countries to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships, find solutions for improving business efficiency, while reducing production costs and economic risks.

Steel remains the backbone of global construction and industrial production, but it is competing with other materials, such as aluminium and composites. Due to this competition, steel is looking at ways to improve. The steel industry is on a mission to improve product quality, expanding and diversifying its product lines and developing new grades with a specific set of characteristics for individual customer needs.

A special place in the steel industry is occupied by high-quality rolled steel products (SBQ), developed specifically for use in mechanical engineering, primarily in the automotive industry – Metalloinvest is a leading player in the SBQ market.

This issue of Iron Magazine covers Metalloinvest’s plans to modernise production processes and further strengthen its position on the SBQ market, as well as the latest trends in the global steel industry and the different ways in which steel companies are engaging with their customers.

Competition in the market of high-quality steel products is increasing and customer requirements are becoming more critical. In order to win the competitive struggle, we must constantly improve technologies and develop new steel grades for our partners.

Andrey Varichev

CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest

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